The immense benefits of wheatgrass – India

29  june 2011

The immense benefits of wheatgrass

The benefits of this ‘magic grass’ are innumerable. Sip on some wheatgrass to detoxify your body.

Dr Sanjay Kumar Cardiac Cardiothoracic Heart Surgeon India

Dr Sanjay Kumar Cardiac Cardiothoracic Heart Surgeon India

Wheatgrass and its nutrients

Wheatgrass is a common wheat plant (it belongs to the wheat family), which looks a lot like lawn grass. In the west, consumption of wheatgrass started in the 1930s as a result of experiments conducted by Charles F Schnabel, an agricultural chemist. In his first experiment, he used fresh cut grass to nurse dying hens back to health. Feeding on wheatgrass, the hens not only recovered but began to produce eggs at a higher rate than a healthy hen.

Wheatgrass packs in the goodness of chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. The health benefits of wheatgrass range from it being a good nutritional supplement to it having anti-carcinogenic properties. Widely known for these benefits, it is available in juice or powdered concentrate; in addition to capsule and tablet form, today.

Detoxification and immunity: Being a rich source of chlorophyll, wheatgrass helps eliminate toxic mucous, acids and metabolic waste from cells and tissues, thereby cleansing the liver, blood vessels and the gastrointestinal track. Studies say that wheatgrass is a better detoxifier in comparison to carrots and other veggies.

Helps in rebuilding blood stream: Chlorophyll is often referred to as ‘green blood’ and ‘oxygenated sunshine’. These nicknames refer to chlorophyll’s similarity in make-up to human blood and its high oxygen level — which is why chlorophyll is often used to treat anaemia. The high chlorophyll content found in wheatgrass thereby helps increase blood count and improves blood flow.

Normalises blood sugar levels: The detoxification quality of chlorophyll helps remove toxins from the blood and improves blood flow in the body. This in return aids efficient functioning of the liver and pancreas, the organs responsible for regulating blood glucose in the body. Consumption of wheatgrass not only helps normalise blood sugar levels, but also keeps heart ailments away.

Cell regeneration: Wheatgrass is a rich source of 19 amino acids like arginine, serine, lysine, glycine, alanine, methionine and phenylalanine. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein -necessary to repair and rebuild muscles, internal organs, hair, nails, skin, and to boost the immune system. While the human body produces half the required amount of amino acids, the remaining need must be met through daily food. So, including wheatgrass in your diet supplies these vital amino acids.

Anti-bacterial properties: Wheatgrass contains anti-bacterial/antisceptic properties that hamper the growth of bacteria, both inside and outside the body. This property makes wheatgrass beneficial in treating skin disorders. Clinically, wheatgrass is used to clean infectious wounds and remove scars.

Helps keep cancer under check: Proponents of wheatgrass claim that this magic grass helps keep the growth of cancer cells under check. The nutrients in wheatgrass inhibit the growth of cancer cells, thereby reducing the need for blood and bone marrow medications, required to treat colon and breast cancer up to a certain stage. There are also claims that wheatgrass has anti-carcinogenic properties, but this is yet to be supported by research.


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2 Responses to The immense benefits of wheatgrass – India

  1. maureen hanvey says:

    this is a fantastic article..wheatgrass really works….been taking it for 10 years.
    maureen hanvey

  2. Atin says:

    10 Things You May Not Know About Wheatgrass
    If anything ever screamed healthy, it’s wheatgrass! The popularly-juiced, nutrient-rich grass is rich in chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and supplements. But to many, wheatgrass remains something of an enigma. We dug deep to uncover some of the most interesting (we think!) facts about wheatgrass.

    1. Nicknamed “liquid gold,” one serving of wheatgrass juice is the rough equivalent of one and a half pounds of dark leafy green vegetables.

    2. Because of its high chlorophyll content, wheatgrass has a strong alkalizing and detoxifying effect on the body.

    3. Growing wheatgrass at home is easy from seeds or whole grain wheat berries, by hand or with a sprouting kit. Perfect for having wheatgrass on hand for smoothies at all times!

    4. Like all chlorophyll-rich green plants, wheatgrass is high in oxygen and therefore an excellent source of natural energy.

    5. Wheatgrass is superior to other green plants because it has more than 100 elements needed by humans.

    6. Most often, wheatgrass is found as juice but powder supplements are also available and can be mixed into juices, smoothies or water. The best time-saving supplements are from freeze-dried organic wheatgrass juice powder

    7. Known to improve digestion, wheatgrass only takes one minute to digest.

    8. Even though the word “wheat” is in its name, wheatgrass is gluten-free.

    9. The best time to have wheatgrass juice is on an empty stomach and one hour before eating so that all the beneficial nutrients are completely available to the body for absorption.

    10. Depending on how toxic your body is, wheatgrass juice can cause headaches or increased bowel movements as the body detoxifies. Otherwise, expect lots of energy as the only side effect.

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