Delhi gangrape: infection spreads, victim very critical – India

23  DEC 2012

Delhi gangrape: infection spreads, victim very critical
Protestors continue to boil over barbaric Delhi gangrape

As pitched battles were fought on Delhi streets to seek justice for her, the 23-year-old gangrape victim went through another surgical procedure on Sunday as doctors remained concerned about the spreading infection.

In the morning, specialists from AIIMS and GB Pant hospitals advised a series of ultrasound and CT scan tests, which revealed fluid accumulation. After blood tests confirmed sepsis, doctors cut open the victim’s stomach to drain off the infected fluids.
Sepsis is a condition in which the body has a severe response to bacteria or other germs. In this case, it is suspected that the rusty iron rod used to assault the victim caused the infection.

Doctors said neither surgery nor high quality antibiotics have been able to reign in the infection, and the victim was put back on the ventilator.

“She was complaining of pain and respiratory distress, which we suspected was because of sepsis,” said Dr BD Athani, medical superintendent at Safdarjung Hospital, where she is admitted.

“She is fully conscious. She is talking and communicating,” said Dr Sunil Jain, senior surgeon at Safdarjung Hospital.

Jain, who added that infection had been a concern from day one, said the next eight to 10 days were “extremely critical” for the patient.

“She is very critical. While her pulse rate, urine output and other parameters are in control, her bilurubin, which indicates infection, has gone up to 6.3 as against 1, which is very high. She is definitely not out of danger,” said Dr MC Misra, chief, AIIMS trauma centre.

Doctors are also worried about her continuously falling platelet count. Till Saturday evening the platelet count was 41,000, but on Sunday it dropped to 19,000. The normal platelet count in a healthy individual is over one lakh 20,000.

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